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Enable your users with Propbar's white labelled widget and promote transparency on your own website.

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What We Offer

Widget Benefits

Boost User Retention

Empower your users with comprehensive data that keeps them engaged, resulting in longer dwell times and increased revenue.


Build trust and enhance your reputation by providing accurate and reliable property data that promotes transparency.

Simplify Property Data

Make the property search convenient for your users by accessing all the necessary data in one place, simplifying their experience.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Retain and grow your user base with a seamless integration that gives you a distinct advantage in the market.

Enrich Your Property Data

Enhance your data with comprehensive property details that empower users with valuable insights for informed decisions.

Enhance User Experience

Create an exceptional user experience that attracts and engages more users on your website.

Getting Started

Setup the Widget

Step 01

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Get in touch with our team to start the onboarding process of integrating the widget into your website.

Step 02

Add Script to Your Website

Follow our step-by-step instructions to integrate the widget script into your website's code.

Step 03

Configure Listing Data

Customise and configure the listing data that will be displayed on your website using our intuitive configuration options.

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Available Now

Browser Extension

Propbar gives complete observability of properties as you browse property portals, enabling next level research and smarter decision making 👀

Coming Soon

Propbar API

Build internal tooling and public applications with the industries leading property data API.

Centralised Search

Find any UK property

Propbar gives you complete observability over an entire property to enable next level decision making and research.

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